StoneFit Installation

Installing Glen-Gery StoneFit® in 8 easy steps1

1 Confirm structural sheathing2 is properly installed.
2 Attach level starter angle at the lowest location on the elevation where the stone is to be installed with corrosion resistant fasteners every 10" to 12" on center3.
3 Properly install Glen-Gery Weather Resistive Barrier (WRB) over the structural sheathing4
4 Properly install Glen-Gery Drainage Mat over WRB4.
5 Install and level first outside corner unit (if required) at the starter angle.
6 Complete the first row of StoneFit attaching the stone with a minimum two fasteners per stone through the embedded attachment bracket.
7 Continue installation vertically, course by course, installing outside corners first (when applicable), and ensuring each course is level and plumb.
8 Install sills and accessories as needed.

Ensure compliance with manufacturer’s guidelines and all local building codes 
2 Recommended sheathing – minimum 7/16-inch-thick OSB or 15/32-inch-thick exterior grade plywood 
3 Recommended fasteners – No. 8 x 1-1/4-inch-long lath screws 
4 WRB and drainage mat not required for interior applications. If WRB is already in place, the new leg of the flashing will need to be tucked underneath the WRB. Refer to complete installation instructions. Always refer to your local building code for proper installation requirements.



Download StoneFit® Literature

GG StoneFit
StoneFit Brochure
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GG DrainageMat
Drainage Mat
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Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet
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