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Glen-Gery Reveals 2024 Brick Color of the Year, Blue Smooth Ironspot

Blue-black brick reflects evolving design preference for natural, bolder shades

Wyomissing, Pa. (November 29, 2023) — Glen-Gery, one of North America’s oldest brick manufacturers and a Brickworks North American company, reveals its 2024 Brick Color of the Year, Blue Smooth Ironspot - a dark, extruded face brick that not only exudes a sense of boldness but also shimmers and reflects light.
“In 2023, there was a prevalence of nature-inspired color and design trends characterized by warm earth tones and textures. Next year, we foresee designers still having a desire to bring nature indoors but with a shift towards bolder colors, especially deep blue tones that add a fresh sense of tranquility,” said Denise Smith, marketing manager for Glen-Gery. "While 2024 embraces brighter shades, rich and moody colors will retain their popularity, playing a pivotal role in balancing lighter color palettes. These deeper hues will infuse spaces with warmth and comfort, while adding an elevated design aesthetic that can awaken your senses.”
After noticing a growing preference for darker bricks in its collection, Glen-Gery introduced Blue Smooth Ironspot as a part of the Sioux City Blues Series, a range of dark blue-black bricks that make any modern design a standout project. Varying weather and lighting brings out the inherent luster and sheen in each individual brick. 
In 2023, Glen-Gery announced its first-ever Brick Color of the Year, the Pitt Cafe Series, to help designers and homeowners incorporate anticipated color trends and achieve a modern design in their projects. Used for both interior and exterior applications, brick is a popular building product due to its unique ability to balance form and function. Brick offers benefits such as versatility, timelessness and character, in addition to its durable, sustainable and low-maintenance qualities.
Available now for purchase, Blue Smooth Ironspot is part of a portfolio of more than 600 brick and stone products offered by Glen-Gery in order to give architects, builders and homeowners endless design possibilities while remaining style-forward. For more information on Glen-Gery’s 2024 Brick Color of the Year, click here.


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