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Design and Color Trends for 2023

cafe pitt

2023 Brick Color of the Year

With texture moving to the forefront in 2023, Glen-Gery announced the inaugural Brick Color of the Year: the Pitt-Café Collection. The series includes four colors ranging in a spectrum from creamy to earth tone hues complete with heavy textural features. In keeping with the nature-inspired color trends of 2023, these masonry finishes complement the Color of the Year selections of Sherwin Williams’ pink undertones and Behr’s creamy white.

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2023 design and color trends

Design and Color Trends for 2023

Today, builders and architects are finishing 2022 projects and predicting what’s to come in this new year ahead. What are the colors, textures, and finishes that will stay popular? What will we leave behind in 2023? And perhaps most anticipated, Glen-Gery's debut of their inaugural brick color of the year.

In 2022 we saw calming, nature-inspired tones. Serene shades of blue and green were consistently top color choices. While these soothing tones are expected to stay popular in 2023, warmer, richer colors with earthy undertones will take center stage. In fact, home design experts predict homeowners will become bolder and more creative in their color choices throughout the coming year, even opting for shades of pink and blush.

Design Colors to Expect in 2023

2023 promises to be a year of earth tones and warm neutrals with pops of pink and blush colors. The year ahead may also bring a surprise resurgence of pastel colors in elements like furniture and design accents.

Textures and Finishes to Expect in 2023

If there’s one thing architects and designers are sure of, it’s that 2023 will be all about texture. When a home’s exterior has a monochromatic color scheme, mixing home-building materials like stone or brick can create definition. Mixed-material exteriors add character and interest to a home’s outward appearance.

The use of texture inside of the house is expected to continue trending as well. With remote and hybrid work environments, homeowners spend more time at home. The use of texture can help separate indoor spaces. Mixing textures becomes an important element to add depth and interest to open rooms, and define an alcove or nook.

What Trends Have Phased Out?

Home design trends we expect to see less of in the coming year include faux finishes, stark whites and grays, and, in commercial design, smooth textures. Moving forward, homeowners are looking for authentic and realistic materials to add warmth with hygge-inspired colors that evoke a cozy and comfortable feel.


Home design trends for 2023 can be summed up in three words: texture, warmth, and coziness. While warm neutrals and earth tones lead the color palette, adding definition and visual interest with textured finishes will increase in popularity. For both interior and exterior finishes, brick and stone surfaces offer the best option for adding depth and dimension because of their ability to integrate light and shadows, creating variations in textual elements.

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nob hill thin brick backsplash kitchen

Earth Tones

The kind of earth tones expected to trend in the upcoming year include warm and natural shades such as terracotta, green, yellow, or plum. What makes these particular colors especially desirable is their versatility to blend seamlessly with nearly any architectural style or home.

Brick Home with Stonewall

Warm Neutrals

Neutrals are key when designing any home, and the warm neutrals that will likely continue to rise in popularity are shades of dark brown, caramel, tan, and off-white. Yielding to this trend is Behr’s 2023 Color of the Year - Blank Canvas - a creamy white shade that suggests nearly any warm colors are possible when paired with it.

53-DD, Georgian Blend

Rich, Dark Colors

Keeping in line with these warm, comfortable tones are the rich, dark colors of chocolate brown, brick red, and dark jade that will populate the 2023 color design landscape. Krylon’s Color of the Year, a deep forest green - Spanish Moss - embraced this highly pigmented trend. What makes these colors special is their ability to make a surprising statement, creating a modern home that stands out from its surroundings while complementing the inclination toward warmer hues.

brick home with danish

Pink and Blush Shades

Homeowners are anticipated to deviate from the status quo of design, with various shades of pink, rose, and blush becoming popular color choices. In fact, a majority of commercial paint designers all selected pink-infused hues for their Color of the Year.

Benjamin Moore’s Raspberry Blush mixes coral, pink, red-orange, raspberry, and blush for its color. Sherwin Williams’ Redend Point combines blush and beige, creating a soft pink undertone. Dunn-Edwards’ Terra Rosa produces a subtle earthy variation of pink and clay by blending the colors brown and burgundy.

interior with bayhill thin brick

Sweet Pastels

Not to be outdone, pastels will be making an entrance into home design trends of 2023 while homeowners embrace their boldness and try these sweet shades. Whether in furniture or in decor and accessories around the home, colors such as soft pink, mint green, and light purple are appearing to bring a subtle pop to a room’s surroundings. This foray into pastels is evidenced by Pantone’s choice for Color of the Year, Digital Lavender, featuring a light, soft purple.

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